Stress and the Heart

How stress affects our health and well being. Taken from the Statin Nation Documentary.

The Living Matrix

So what is the Living Matrix?  When you look at the human body as a whole you start to recognize that we are more than a bag full of chemicals, we are organized energy.  You take away the energy and you have a bag of chemicals without life.  The medical profession is just starting to wake up to this important awareness with regard to health.  The Living Matrix explores the energy side of health and how it plays an important role with regards to our well being.

Burzynski The Movie – Cancer Is Serious Business

If you haven’t seen this movie and you are concerned with health I definitely recommend it.  It gives you an insight in to the prejudices of the Established Medical Community and their desire to have the final say with regards to your choice concerning your health.  What is truly sad is that peoples lives are pushed aside due to this arrogant fight for control.


The Gerson Miracle

Max Gerson was on a quest to cure his reoccurring headaches.  What he discovered is the Gerson Miracle.  Due to persecution the Gerson therapy and those involved with the therapy had to move to Mexico where they have helped thousands of people successfully.  They have many documented success stories with regards to the remission of  Cancer as well as to many other chronic aliments.


The Happiness Advantage

Don’t forget the importance of emotional health.  This is a great little video on the power of health and happiness.


What is our Universe Made of?

A little video on quantum theory and the particles that make up our universe.  Hope you enjoy.

What the Bleep do We Know???

What the bleep do we know from FestiwalFilmówKontrowersyjnych on Vimeo.

This really is a classic movie that describes how we control our own destiny. It looks at how science and intention can have a powerful influence on our reality.

What the Bleep’s Dr. Joe Dispenza

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