Meridian Stress Assessment

It’s interesting to note that in 1993 scientists in Israel found that when a sperm cell first meets an egg cell, the sperm cell sets up an electrical charge that enables it to cross the egg cell’s wall. According to their discovery this not only activates fertilization but also alters the cell wall and prevents other sperm cells from entering the egg. (Science, volume 261, page 484). From the moment of conception energy plays a vital role in life. The Chinese have long believed that there are energy pathways called Chi that run throughout the human body. These pathways can be either cold or hot, Yen or Yang. According to traditional Chinese medicine if these pathways are in balance a person will be healthy, if they are out of balance the body is open to disease.

Reinhard Voll and Electroacupuncture

Early in the 1940’s a German doctor named Reinhard Voll was interested in traditional Chinese medicine. He was looking for a way to measure the energy of the acupuncture points. This is the beginning of Meridian Stress Assessment or as some people call it Electroacupuncture according to Voll. I prefer to call it Meridian Stress Assessment because that is really what the machine does. It measures the energy of the acupuncture points and makes an assessment on whether those points are in balance or out of balance.

Balancing Energy

To balance acupuncture points we use homeopathic remedies, herbs and nutritional supplements to bring them into balance. While we never use the device to make a diagnosis it is amazing to me to see the correlation between the clients major complaint and the meridians that are out of balance. I have also been amazed at the results the majority of people get from being on a program that is suggested by the Meridian Stress Assessment device.

Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom

Dr. Nordenstrom was a pioneer regarding the body’s bio-electrical system.  Using low voltage he was able to shrink tumors and in 3 known terminal cancer cases he was able to cure the cancer.  Many medical scientist are just now starting to realize the importance of our bio electrical field.  You can find his book Biological Closed Circuits by clicking the hyperlink.


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